Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of any group.

The length of a workshop is recommended for 1-3 hours to a full weekend, however adjustments are made to facilitate the needs of various group situations.

If you have an idea for an event or would like to bring yoga to your work place or organization to start a class or design a professional development day, please let me know.

These workshops are applicable to yoga teachers interested in applying hours toward their yoga alliance registry hours. An additional fee and written assignment will be required for those interested in this option. Please express interest by emailing me prior to attending the workshops.

Just Breathe: a Stress Management Workshop

Emphasis: stress management
Recommended Length, approx. 2 hours

Move through those moments of feeling out of control and into a place of quiet calm peaceful healing. Simple techniques will enable you to change how you feel in less than one minute! Simple enough to use when you need them most at any time of the day. Particularly useful for power meetings – or your trips to the physicians office.

Learn these easy techniques for your Self. Bring a loved one or someone you know could benefit from learning how to relax! Participants Learn six simple breathing technique that offer multiple benefits from reducing hypertension, cleaning the mind, enhancing concentration, eliminating headaches, lower anxiety and blood pressure, expel tension ending insomnia, and balancing mood swings/hot flashes .

Wellness and Stress Reduction

Perfect for Corporate Strategic Learning Retreats, Team Building and Wellness Days. Decreasing sick days increases the company’s bottom line.

No special equipment is necessary. Adaptations for the desk and workstation help combat carpal tunnel syndrome and relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Emphasis: Learn to recognize where you hold your stress and how to get rid of it! Take control of your health without breaking your piggy bank on medical cost.

Recommended length 1.5 – 2.5 hours.

Nurture your own and your staff’s overall sense of well-being with stress management techniques, including a blend of breathing exercises and stretches for eye fatigue and for the neck, shoulders, back and total body.

Participants learn to manage their own stress effectively and enjoy proven health benefits. Feeling better physically leads to clearer thinking and increased productivity.
Creativity increases when stress is reduced.

An educational CD that teaches proper breathing techniques and a yoga video are available for sale.

Design a workshop developed around one or more of the following area’s:

a. The Back : includes strengthening and lengthening.
b. The hips: includes strengthening and lengthening.

Tao Yin Yoga offers a variety of methods to open, lengthen and strengthen the lower back and/or the hips. Two common areas where individuals hold dis-ease in the body. This is a workshop appropriate for men and women who have never taken yoga as well as for those who have a regular practice and want to venture deeper into themselves.

c. Neck and shoulders

Learn unique postures inclusive to the Tao Yin style of opening the body by working beneath the muscles. Postures engage tendons from the fingertips through the arms, shoulder, neck and cranium. Included in this workshop are effective pressure points for the face/head; learn how to reduce stress with points – helps minimize and even eliminate Migraines

More specific workshops include:

The Elusive Psoas

Emphasis: Core
Recommended length 2.5 – 3.0 hours

The Psoas muscle is responsible for proper balance and general body support; it maintains body structure and body relationships. It can well exert a vital influence on bodily well being. Its close proximity to the diaphragm implies that imperfect psoas function reflects into the diaphragm and into the ribcage. Anything directly affecting the psoas also affects the pelvis and its contents.

Learn new postures for developing the psoas with unique postures guarantees to enhance core strength and muscle tone, balance and stamina. We will move into a Taoist flow of postures that incorporate continuous smooth and circular motion that promotes ease, fluidity and grace in the body.

Individuals who practice Taoist Yoga postures regularly discover that the postures open the space between the joints and over time, lengthen tendons. Students often remark they feel “taller” after class.


Recommended length 2.5 – 3.0 hours

Backbends reverse the aging process and fill the body and heart with vitality and joy. Many of us have lower back, shoulder, or neck issues that limit our ability to do backbends or twists. Through a safe approach, Deanna will guide you through a series of backbends and twists that in combination will bring openness to your body, joy to your heart and enthusiasm to continue this practice for a lifetime. No matter what your age, issue, or experience level is, you can develop a supple spine and recharge your life!

* Some props provided. Contact the instructor to discuss the group and site needs.

Let Go of Fear and Gain A New Perspective: Going Upside Down

Recommended length: 3.0 hours

How do they do that? Inversions are the ultimate step toward rejuvenating the body and reversing the aging process by relieving pressure on the organs. Whether you are advanced in your practice or curious, participants will learn methods of experiencing inversions even if you are afraid, or have physical limitations prevent you from “letting go” and floating upside down. Modified inversions, bridge and shoulder stand with variations, forearm stand, peacock, and head stand with variations are covered.

Therapeutic Yoga Weekend Retreat

Journey inside your Self while in postures of stillness promoting growth, clearing energetic blockages and enhancing circulation.

Friday night will be devoted to assessing the therapeutic conditions of the students attending the weekend. Students are encouraged to come for the whole weekend but may attend Friday and Saturday only or Friday and Sunday only. Retreat sites and accommodations vary. If you have a site and would like to host a tailored retreat to meet your groups needs, please contact Deanna.

Yoga for Cancer Patients and Their Caretakers

Emphasis: stress management
Recommended Length: 2 hours
* this workshop has been presented in numerous hospitals around the tri-state area.

Developed specifically for individuals moving through cancer treatment, chemo and radiation, this workshop addresses how one can manage ones stress and uncertainty while gaining a sense of control over ones emotions and thoughts during a challenging journey as a person moving through cancer, or the caretaker. Workshop for cancer patients tailored to address the limitations of movement. Suitable for any cancer diagnosis at any age.

Teaching the Whole Child: An Integrated Conflict Resolution Program Developed for School

Administrators, Teachers, and Adolescents.
Emphasis: stress management
Recommended Length, approx. 2 hours

Tailor this workshop to address administrator’s, personnel, or create a staff development for adolescents.

* Successfully Field tested

Cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of learning are addressed through visual and kinesthetic structured activities. Learn effective concrete stress management techniques to increase awareness of how one can control his/her emotional state, how to calm the mind and increase concentration skills. Enable staff to be more effective during prep times, help students learn how to Improve grades, reduce test anxiety and anxiety in general.

Field tested with A.D.H.D., emotionally and behaviorally challenged students ages 9 – 19… but appropriate for ALL populations. Student program goals include the above plus:

  • Introduces students to conflict resolution by building skills of tolerance for one another and celebrating their uniqueness
  • Helps student’s understand that human beings share the same feelings on the inside but how we express them makes us unique.

Program options include:
Schoolwide student and staff development program.
Materials and props for teachers and staff.

Yoga Teacher training – successful completion enables participants to apply for Yoga Alliance 200 hr. registry. Currently this program is offered only in conjunction with registered yoga schools

Endless Options is offereing a one-year, 200-hour, Yoga Teacher Training Program. This program is in compliance with the standards of the nationally recognized Yoga Alliance. Students who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of the art and science of yoga, integrate the philosophy into their daily life, and gain self-understanding are welcomed. This program is rigorous and designed to meet the needs of students who envision deepening their practice, learning to teach and to expand awareness about Tao Yin practice to those who already teach yoga. Dedicated students and teachers work together—creating an inspired and inclusive learning community. The program offers studies with highly qualified, passionate teachers, as well as a complete curriculum encompassing over 200 hours of training. Throughout the year, we will cover the basic, progressive, and integrated study of Tao Yin yoga, incorporate various Hatha asana, pranayama, emphasize anatomy, learn and compare Tao Yin and Hatha yoga philosophy,while learning how to teach different ages and different needs.


  • Asana, Sequencing, and Linking
  • Experiential Anatomy
  • Tao Yin Yogic Philosophy, History, and Ethics
  • Meridians and Cleansing Techniques
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Assisting and Adjusting Verbally and Physically
  • Development of Personal Practice
  • Development of Teaching Outside of the Studio
  • Use of props
  • Videotaping postures as an educational tool

You will Learn to:

  • Communicate your knowledge effectively
  • Give clear instructions
  • Give directions in correct order
  • Increase your awareness through observation
  • Assess yourself as a teacher
  • Examine teaching ethics and the business of yoga
  • Teach yoga for pregnancy, menstruation, and for people of different ages and different needs
  • Integrate yogic philosophy into your daily life

Other topics:

  • Beginner, multi-level and advanced postural sequences
  • Private sessions in yoga tailored to meet specific needs
  • Yoga for cancer patients and their caretakers
  • The natural healing ability of the body through yoga
  • Teaching group classes or private home parties in yoga asana, pranayama and meditation