• I am thankful I had the opportunity to meet and learn from Deanna. She is knowledgeable, caring, and very approachable. In fact, when in her workshop, I clearly felt that her goal was to not only teach us the “book information” but to also help us grow as yoga instructors. I walked away from the workshop with quite a few take-home messages, as well as a sense of renewal and excitement about teaching my next yoga class.

    Thank you Deanna,

    Barbara Baldwin, MPH
    Boyds, MD

  • Deanna,

    I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to contact you to thank you for your wonderful presentation at Rosenfield Cancer Center last month for the In the Looking Glass Program. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, despite being a bad breather! I thought your exercises were well planned and helpful for even the novice yoga student. I saw a couple of the ladies at another program a few days later, and they both commented to me how much they liked your program and would recommend it to others.I normally write a more formal letter sent through “snail mail”, but realized I didn’t have your actual address. I figured since it’s already taken me this long, I should speed it up through e-mail! We will have the In the Looking Glass Program again in the spring, and I’ll be sure to ask John to send you back to us, and hopefully, we’ll have more people here then, too!

    Thank you again,

    Mary Oleksiak
    Social Worker, The Rosenfield Cancer Center-Abington Memorial Hospital

  • Deanna,

    I just wanted to thank you again for your instruction this weekend at the AAAI Conference…I took away a lot (internally) from the two-day session.Lastly, last night my five year old was having trouble falling asleep so I knelt down next to his bed with the ‘breathing ball’ and we breathed together.
    It was wonderful!!!

    Barb Batolomeo

    American Athletic Association
    American Running Association

  • Taking a yoga class with Deanna is unifying and enlightening. Deanna brings her well versed knowledge of the body and mind to her classes. Her playful, caring, patient, and giving spirit shines through her teaching and helps you to let go of fear and doubt while practicing both elementary and challenging poses. My husband and I always feel like we’ve learned something in every class and feel strong and relaxed after her practice. Deanna truly teaches the union of mind and body and gives you practical ideas from the philosophy of the practice that you can carry with you in your everyday life. She encourages you to feel like there is nothing you can’t do and brings joy and peace to teaching the practice of yoga.I realized how much I have learned and gained through your teaching. You have a great gift.

    Frank & Donna Brandolisio

  • Dear Deanna,

    It was a pleasure to see you again and to have you present the program on yoga to our cancer survivors last evening. I thought that it went very well and was a great combination of information and practice. I only received three evaluations back because of our hasty departure, but all had high marks for you. I appreciate your mission of bringing these healing practices to all of us and I really hope that we can make this an annual visit!

    Many thanks,

    Kate O’Connor

  • Dear Deanna,

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my thoughts on the recent Yoga Certification you conducted at the LaCrest YMCA for Yoga ll. I also would like you to forward this to your employer, as well.This was a wonderful uplifting, informative and supportive program. You managed the time so well and we were able to cover a great deal of material, not only ‘hand’s on’, but also educational aspects of Yoga. I was thoroughly delighted that you brought the concepts of Tao Yin Yoga to the fore. I’ve been so discouraged with the Aroeba-Yoga being offered in the name of Yoga. I don’t adhere to that venue so your course was an added support to what I have been doing for many years in this field.Your generosity of spirit making your self accessible to all and offering to give us extra time even during lunch to continue our class was the true spirit of Yoga in action. You handled the class with compassion based on the various degrees of competency. It made us all feel so very fine and your loving embrace of the Yoga principals shone forth.

    I also appreciated the tear sheets you distributed and have referred to them often since I returned home. The added comments on further Yoga explorations were very helpful.

    You provided an inspiration to me especially, and to the entire class. I’m very grateful you were the instructor sent for this certification. I teach only one class in a Gym setting so your material was more than helpful in my other venues.

    Thank you for a great day!

    Namaste, Rosa