Tao Yin Yoga: A Journey Inside Yourself

Externally you appear toned and graceful; internally you feel unified, balanced and steely strong. Delight in an enticing non competitive space. Surround your self with like minded individuals.

Explore the philosophy of Taoist yoga – the concept of non- interference, the natural breath cycle and the circulation of energy. We will begin with Taoist meditations blended with chi – gong and movement for grounding and relaxation.

Experience the art of Tao Yin Yoga. Cultivated from an integration of Indian yoga and the healing practices and spiritual philosophies of ancient China, Tao-Yin yoga is based on Taoist principal of living in harmony with nature( accepting one’s body where it is at). Integrating simple and gentle chi-gong movements performed at the beginning and end of class increases vitality and restores harmony to the bones and joints. Guided visualizations enable the participant to move into a meditative state for deepening ones practice and transcending perceived limitations. Unique postures promote stillness, clear energetic blockage’s, enhance circulation, develop deep core strength, muscle tone, balance and stamina. Tao Yin postures are done primarily on the floor allowing the body to receive support from the earth while opening into the pose like a flower opening into a bloom. Soft flowing movements promote space between the joints while inviting fluidity, flexibility and grace in the body. Participants notice a difference after the first class yet the outcome of this practice over time is a noticeable rehabilitation of range of motion, of increased flexibility, joint mobility, overall health maintenance, balanced emotions, and improved metabolism/ health of the internal organs.